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COGITA ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning software sale & support for EPICOR
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COGITA ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning software sale & support for EPICOR vantage and QAD MFG/PRO. You can "bank" a partnership with COGITA. Meaning what? Meaning that more than quarter of a century ago if you had put $1 into the bank and put $1 into a partnership with COGITA you would still have both dollars today



1. LASTING BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP: We don't promise it. We live it.

You can "bank" a partnership with COGITA. Meaning what? Meaning that more than quarter of a century ago if you had put $1 into the bank and put $1 into a partnership with COGITA you would still have both dollars today - and in the case of the bank you would have accumulated interest; and in the case of COGITA you would have accumulated dividends. Meaning security and accessability. Meaning COGITA is a generational company with a founder, owners and leaders whose ethics, purpose and mission stand the test of time. Meaning that for twenty seven years generations of clients have joined the COGITA family and benefited from the COGITA organisation's loyalty and expertise. Meaning COGITA's entrepreneurial shareholders have put COGITA on auto pilot to ensure that COGITA's services will continue uninterrupted for another quarter of a century.

COGITA is the lasting business partnership specialist in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like Epicor ERP. COGITA's intellectual property and its knowledgebase contain two rare elements - wisdom and patience. You can't see them and you can't buy them in your local convenience store. But year after year COGITA adds more of those two elements to its partnerships with blue chip manufacturing and distribution companies in Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific region, U.S. and U.K. Twenty seven years of success means COGITA can partner with you to make your ERP system do what it is supposed to do for you.


COGITA knows which ERP systems suit MTO (make to order) engineering companies and which systems suit FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies. COGITA knows the strengths, the weaknesses, the theoretical performance envelope and the real limitations of ERP systems. If there is an ERP system mistake that COGITA has not made then it is a mistake that COGITA knows how to avoid. COGITA knows the ERP industry's horror stories. COGITA knows the ways that ERP systems can be implemented badly. COGITA knows the corners that clients can safely cut. COGITA knows the dead ends and the fatal cliffs. And COGITA knows the ways to implement ERP systems effectively.


In the 21st century manufacturers and distributors who are serious about running their businesses effectively must use an ERP system or a credible alternative like Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) from the Theory of Constraints (TOC). See the NOTES below for more information about DBR.


ERP systems are commodities but their effects are far from trivial or ordinary. They can cripple a business as easily as enable it.


  1. That's why every client who invests in an ERP system from COGITA also gets the protection of a lasting business partnership with COGITA.
  2. And that's why COGITA has a 27 years old code of ethics as well as a lasting business partnership code.


COGITA's first ERP system client is still a COGITA partner. They expect supreme service. And they get it. They expect COGITA to recognise their trust and loyalty. And COGITA does. COGITA applies all the continuing lessons from that first client to each new client. No matter what the problem or the challenge or the time required COGITA has resolved it.


That's why COGITA says, "We don't promise partnership. We live it."


NOTES: To learn more about DBR click here to visit Dr Kelvin Youngman's independent New Zealand site. We do not guarantee the contents of the site but it is informative. If you want expert, no holds barred, advice about DBR click here to send us a short eMail and we will introduce you to a COGITA group company called ViAGO. For information about TOC click here to visit Goldratt or click here to visit ViAGO. ViAGO knows how to make TOC and DBR do what you need it to do.


2. SPECIALISTS: What industry peers say


COGITA is a specialist in extremely long-term ERP sales and support. With its laser focus on sales, implementation and extreme long-term support of ERP software systems for blue chip manufacturing companies and distribution companies, COGITA is the specialist ERP sales and support company. This is COGITA's single focus. As a private company, COGITA enjoys the strength of Executive Leaders, and long term financial resources from Shareholders and a Founder who fully support the company's specialist strategy. In Australia and New Zealand no company has the same continuous, in-depth, ERP sales and support expertise as COGITA.


3. WELL ROUNDED: What our bankers say

Founded in 1983, and focussed on ERP sales & support since 1988, COGITA's Australia/New Zealand leaders and organisation are regarded by many clients and ERP industry competitors as the tough minded princes of a very specialised niche : ERP sales and support to manufacturing companies and distribution companies.

Since 2002, COGITA has been selling and supporting Epicor's highly regarded ERP software system. Epicor ERP is a system for discrete, make to order, engineering and manufacturing enterprises.

From 1989 to 2001, COGITA was selling Qad's MFG/PRO software system. Though COGITA no longer sells MFG/PRO, COGITA continues to provide long term support to the many COGITA clients who use MFG/PRO in Australia and New Zealand. Most of these clients are large, blue chip, FMCG manufacturing & distribution multi-nationals.

Some blue chip manufacturing companies and their ERP software systems have been supported by the same COGITA consultants for over 19-years. As clients have restructured their businesses and sometimes retrenched staff, COGITA consultants have grown to know more than the clients about their ERP systems.

Only a specialist company would maintain a standing investment in support consultants for as long as COGITA.






4. EXPERIENCED: What long term clients say

Occasionally, provided it does not detract from its focus, COGITA undertakes consulting and development projects for clients in the U.K., Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific countries such as Japan, and Korea. COGITA's extended experience includes examining, auditing, and evaluating ERP requirements.

Using services knowledge and experience, of MFG/PRO, refined since 1989 COGITA continues to support users of MFG/PRO, and build support services and experience in Epicor's ERP system, as well as others. COGITA has undertaken major assignments reviewing SAP. In Australia and New Zealand there are not many companies with COGITA's continuous (since 1989) in-depth experience as the foundation of service levels offered to, and enjoyed by, clients.

For example in Australia and New Zealand COGITA is the first, and only, company with people who have a continuous track record of implementing and supporting the MFG/PRO software system since 1989. Not even the owner of the MFG/PRO system has such people.

Incorporated in 1989, COGITA grew from a 1983 partnership created to deliver business, financial, and information systems services for manufacturing and distribution companies. In addition to those first services many COGITA clients, who use MFG/PRO, now use specific COGITA solutions for forecasting, tele-sales, and a designer-range of software tools to measure and tune the performance of large software systems. For example Lion Nathan uses COGITA's tele-sales software in Australasia. The designer-range software and its consulting services have created COGITA's world-wide niche-market reputation for solving performance issues.

COGITA has implemented, supported, and continues to implement and support, large scale software systems for multi-national manufacturing and distribution companies throughout New Zealand, Australia, and some countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Because of COGITA's deep understanding of manufacturing, proprietary methodologies, and ability to offer a single unified approach across state and international borders, COGITA is the services vendor of choice for many large corporations.


5. INNOVATIVE: What partners say

In its market category, COGITA is often first to undertake complex, industry specific, green-fields developments including 'be-spoke development', and the interfacing of multiple & complicated systems — a challenge which many consultants wisely concede. In these environments, COGITA has guaranteed the outcome, and was prepared to extend such guarantee, because the client and COGITA formally agreed on careful and disciplined adherence to sound methodologies in the hands of skilled COGITA people.

COGITA uses a proprietary implementation methodology to consistently bring large and small projects to completion on-time, to specification, and on budget.

What is unique about COGITA's implementation methodology is its "Critical Chain" project management foundation. Consultants usually focus on the technical aspects of a system implementation — but COGITA focuses on the business processes and implementation issues. Unless this is the primary focus, the system cannot serve a client's business effectively and inevitably compromises the expected value of the system investment.

Of all the project management methods and approaches which are available, Critical Chain is the only one which allows businesses to focus on their businesses during projects, instead of turning themselves inside out to be 'project managers for a day'. Using Critical Chain COGITA has successfully scaled its large systems experience into a "shrink wrapped" implementation package suitable for medium, and small, manufacturing & distribution companies.

Within the COGITA Group there are two highly specialised companies —COGITA Fx and ViAGO™ — specialising in discrete, specialist services.

COGITA Fx designs and delivers 'peace of mind' Facilities Management. COGITA Fx Facilities Management does not necessarily require client equipment to be removed from the client site. Depending on the agreed service levels, COGITA Fx provides 24-hour support, network monitoring, and scheduled on-site reviews.

ViAGO specialises in business improvement using TOC (Theory of Constraints), and the implementation of rapid 'change what you do' programs ("Bombs") for production, distribution, and sales. ViAGO bombs have re-skinned the production operations, and sales approaches, of many companies and organisations in Australasia.

To find out more about ViAGO



Multi-national COGITA clients have independent auditors who periodically note that the support provided by COGITA is excellent and systematic.

Very large COGITA clients speak of COGITA's reputation for doing the jobs that others could not, or would not, do; all based on delivering difficult projects on time & on budget. To see what clients say about our support and service - click here. COGITA has invested heavily in its own internal support systems. This enables all designated people in a client's company, at all manufacturing and/or distribution and/or administration sites, to have either personalised, or general, on-line access to COGITA's Internet Support Centre — HelpNet. Clients determine which sort of access to grant to their people.

COGITA's online, 24 X 7, support system is an implementation of the award winning RightNow system from RightNow Technologies. Now used world wide in all types of industries and commercial environments, RightNow was first licensed by COGITA in the Asia-Pacific region in 1998, making COGITA the first user of this support system in Australia and New Zealand, and the first company to offer personalised, specialist, 24 X 7 online support of this type in Australasia.

This enables client-people to log issues easily and effectively for COGITA's support centre team to resolve. COGITA clients track and update their issues just as easily as COGITA's consultants.

COGITA provides multiple gateways into HelpNet to make it easier for clients to record (or get COGITA to record) and track their issues and requests for assistance.

How serious is your systems supplier about support?

If, without any special advance preparation, your supplier can give you access to a system like COGITA's HelpNet then your supplier is serious. If your supplier's equivalent of HelpNet gives you multiple gateways to record and track your requests for assistance, then your supplier is very serious.

Click here to try COGITA's award winning online support centre — HelpNet — and see for yourself how serious COGITA is about its specialist support.






7. CHOSEN: What blue chip companies say

The COGITA client family contains household names which include or have included: ISI Mars Corporation, Nutrimetics, IR Safety & Security, Heinz, Energizer, Cerebos, Sara Lee, Lion Nathan, British American Tobacco (Rothmans), Village Roadshow, Lucent, Iglo Ola (Unilever), Newbridge Networks purchased 2000 by Alcatel, Sealed Air Corporation, Paper Coaters, Invitrogen, Weyerhauser, Comvita, Carter Holt Harvey, Mayne Pharma, Faulding Health, National Foods, Aperio (was AEP Industries), Amcor, GKN Driveline, Rockwell Corporation and Invacare.



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