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New Zealand At a Glance


New Zealand is called, “A land of extra-ordinary opportunities,” in the business community. This has been supported by the fact that NZ has been one of the topmost investment destinations in World bank's business environment surveys. In 2004, NZ was rated the best country in terms of modifying the environment to facilitate business and investment.


In the recent, ”World Bank Doing Business 2010 report,” published by “The World Bank”,  New Zealand has an economy which has geared itself to rise over the global meltdown by reforming business regulations. NZ continues to occupy the runner up position in 183 countries surveyed for the report. It has successfully left behind the world's finest economies, such as UK and Australia.


The report achieves great significance because it gives more importance to laws and conditions in each country while giving the rankings. It also takes into account the different measures and reforms applied that will affect the ways of doing business in 2009 and beyond.


Many companies investing in NZ have reported astonishing success from time to time. The “can do” attitude of the fellow citizens, supported by world-class telecommunications and robust public infrastructure are some of highlights of the business environment in New Zealand.


The NZ government has created “Investment New Zealand”, a national investment promotion agency with the sole objective of identifying sustainable business prospects and developing customized investment solutions for foreign investors. Investment New Zealand is a single contact point for international investors looking for investment opportunities in NZ


Investment New Zealand provides valuable assistance to entrepreneurs in activities such as:

  • Relocating their businesses to New Zealand
  • Making investments and working with NZ companies in global ventures
  • Setting up Greenfield operations



International Investors have a host of choices when it comes to investment in NZ.

Some of the sunrise sectors that are poised for high growth in New Zealand are:

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Creative Industries Screen productions
  3. Specialized Manufacturing
  4. Wood Processing
  5. Information and Communications Technology


Let’s look at some of the sectors in details and what growth opportunities they offer to international investors.


1) Biotechnology: The NZ pharmaceutical industry is poised for high growth as there is a high demand for personalized treatments and new therapies. Growing health awareness and its relation to lifestyle and longevity is one of the primary reasons for growth.


NZ biotechnology industry is a rich pool of commercial minded and creative scientists. The industry offers world-class development research facilities with a stable and cost competitive business environment which is actively supported by the government. The sector has been enjoying commercial success and delivers its high-class products to international research institutions and multinationals worldwide.


Specialized Manufacturing: NZ is the leader in developing distinctive products and its cost effective innovation production process make these products more commendable in competitive market place. This sector is already catering to overseas partners by delivering innovative solutions in the field of aviation, defense, auto components, marine and agricultural technology. The industry is known to deliver sophisticated goods on a large scale than most of OECD countries.


Continuous innovation is the main key in the industry which keeps it ahead from its low priced competitors.


NZ has a strong educated market force with the right knowledge and experience. Besides, NZ provides world-class infrastructures and economic stability which makes it an excellent aspect for long-term investment.

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