Land Information New ZealandNew data for identifying flood risk

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Scientists have released new data that will help planners identify the risks posed by floods and sea level rise, says Land Information Minister Louise Upston.
Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) has completed a five year project to improve New Zealand’s Vertical Datum – a reference for measuring the height of the land and its features.
“LINZ has flown the length and breadth of New Zealand gathering airborne gravity data to update the vertical datum. As a result of its work, planners, surveyors and engineers now have a consistent reference for measuring heights that is accurate to 3cm,” says MsUpston.
“This helps planners model the height of our landscape and buildings so they can see how water will move during storm surges and floods – New Zealand’s most common natural hazard. It provides a consistent measure for monitoring sea level rise.
“Providing a consistent reference surface will also make it easier for local authorities to share information about the height of land, buildings and infrastructure across boundaries. After all, floods don’t recognise council boundaries.
“Another use is for engineers. The ability to accurately measure the height of our landscape means they can ensure sewage and water infrastructure flows downhill.”
LINZ also has work underway to help make LiDAR data more consistent. LiDAR is three-dimensional data on our land and its features, which is collected by local and central government. Making LiDAR data more consistent will make it more useful for planning against the impact of floods and sea level rise.
“LINZ is making this data more accessible,” says MsUpston. “As a result, LiDAR for the Auckland region is now freely available online to researchers, industry and others through the LINZ Data Service at no charge.”
“The work that LINZ is leading gives New Zealand the information it needs to improve resilience to natural disasters.”

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