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Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. It is  the  world's most southernmost city and also the cultural capital of NZ. Wellington residents display a high emotional well being and overall good health. The city dwellers enjoy a high sense of safety and share a sense of community despite greater cultural diversity.


The city was amongst the fastest growing areas in NZ as per the June 2009 population statistics. Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce has welcomed this population growth as a sign of confidence. The growth in population is a crucial component in the city's growth as it  increases business vitality and vibrancy of the city. The authorities feel the need to capitalize on this population growth by maintaining the pace in infrastructural development which will sustain the growth.


Wellington is a leading hub for creative industries such as film and computer technology. The New Zealand Stock exchange is also located in Wellington. The city is also called the Innovation Capital of New Zealand. The creativity  and innovation can be seen by having a glance at the success stories of Wellingtonians  in the areas of arts, technology and business. The Wellington City Council encourages this dynamic attitude of residents of the city by celebrating their success.


The development authority in Wellington has identified three key sectors  for regional development.

1)   Improve the supply and use of broadband.

2)   Raise the standards of international gateways.

3)   Adding value to Carbon free neutral region


NZ's Ministry of Economic Development has expressed interest in the development  of  broadband investment. Wellington recognizes the need of faster broadband access to ensure faster connectivity to the world which is crucial for any business to survive. A broadband operating group has been specially established in Wellington to understand the potential demand from business if it is has efficient access to high quality broadband infrastructure and supply.

The organization is taking a series of actions to stimulate demand.


The regional authorities are also working on improved international connectivity and improving regional infrastructure to boost tourism and other industries. Enterprises in Wellington are committed to developing  technology carbon neutral businesses. Investment in Wellington business is vital for globally changing businesses. The city has a database of investors which includes venture capital, private equity  and foreign investment.  Some of the major sectors of industries that promise tremendous growth in Wellington are Sustainable and Renewable Energy, Screen and Digital Technologies and Biotechnology and Life Sciences.  Wellington is known as the global center of excellence for such industries.


Wellington has a cost-effective and accessible labor pool. The workforce has a wide range of skills in various fields such as construction, maintenance, biotechnology and many other fields.



The Wellington Regional Strategy is growth strategy specially designed to sustain growth for 20 years for the greater Wellington region. The strategy is supported by the region's nine local government agencies, central government of NZ and the region's education, business, research and voluntary sectors. The strategy includes building the Center of Excellence to develop and manage resources and framework. These centers are expected to be fully operational by the year 2010.


Besides this there are many workgroups and agencies in Wellington which have the expertise and experience to identify the right  investment ideas that can help make your investment profitable.

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