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Napier is a port city located in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Napier City is the only official city in the Hawke's Bay region. Since the city is less than twenty kilometers away from Hastings City, the two cities are commonly referred to as 'The Bay Cities' or 'The Twin Cities'. The twin cities have an estimated population of 122,600. The Napier City is the largest crossbred wool center in the Southern Hemisphere. The city of Napier is one of the most important grape growing and wine production areas in New Zealand. The city's port is the center for the countries wool, timber and pulp export. The city is also one of the major tourist destination centers in the country. The annual Wine and Food Festival, held in the city draws a lot of domestic and international tourists.


Napier is one of the safest and most stable cities in New Zealand, with a commercial outlook. The city is free from economic, political and religious upheavals. This factor makes it a hub for attracting foreign investment. The Napier City Council and its Economic Development Department are dedicated to making the city an amicable place to lure foreign investors to make investments.


The Economic Development Department of the Napier city's council conducted a survey in 2008 to study the business conditions in the city. The survey was focused to study the following five things:

  1. The confidence amongst the business class
  2. Staff recruitment
  3. The current trading performance of the business
  4. The impact of business on interest rates and $NZ and
  5. Issues related to the Napier city council.


The survey suggested that, barring a few local firms that expected diminished business, the huge majority of firms expected their business to grow or to maintain the current business level in the near future. The survey also suggested that the majority of businesses expected the conditions of the city to improve and support their business. This indicates that there are few risks involved of losing your investment and you have a good chance of gaining good returns on your investments.


The firms which were surveyed suggested that the lower rates of $NZ, the competitiveness, the efficiency of businesses houses and the stability of the market are the prime factors for the growth in their business. The firms also suggested that they expect the market to remain stable for the coming years. Thus a stable market has the potential to attract new investments in the city.


The Economic Development Department of the Napier City Council also surveyed firms on whether their businesses were affected by the relative high $NZ exchange rates and the soaring interest rates. Astonishingly about 71% of business establishments responded by saying their business was not affected much while more than 65% of business establishments said they were unaffected by soaring interest rates. This goes to show that even factors like fluctuation in currency exchange rates won't affect your investment in Napier city.

The survey results also showed that it is not a difficult task to get skilled workers in Napier City. Most of the workers have above average skills and have vocational qualifications.


Thus, it is a win-win situation for investors investing in Napier City; they are bound to gain.

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